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Shareholding Company

  • Utaka invests and partners at the leading edge of global growth and innovation to create opportunities for future generations. We are commercially focused, deploying capital or acquiring Stakes for providing services across the portfolio in promising sectors like Fintech, AgriTech, Sustainable Energy Tech, IT, and FMCG and geographies.
  • We develop world-class talent in a values-driven, resilient corporate culture that inspires our employees to succeed.
  • By embedding a performance culture across our portfolio of companies, we will ensure their long-term viability and sustainable financial performance. This enables us to develop and support strategically important sector clusters, drive value creation, and ultimately help to build a prosperous, advanced and diversified economy for the benefit of our people. In addition, we will seek global investment opportunities that deliver positive returns.
  • Some of the companies we are currently invested in are below :